Mortimer Shekelstein


Mortimer is swarthy foreigner with bespectacled eyes, long curly black hair and a prominent nose. He walks with a pronounced limp, and carries a simple wooden cane. In a satchel beneath his coat, he carries his faithful animal companion, Gargamel.
Though his ancestors originated in a desert climate, he is remarkably intolerant of heat.

He stands in a slightly stooped posture, which reinforces his meek and excessively passive demeanor.


Mortimer seeks to gain influence and power in the city of Kintargo, possibly starting a business in law so that he can make his mother proud. He is intelligent and highly charismatic despite his looks, and can be incredibly convincing when he wants to be.

Mortimer will always deliver a charming smile and immensely reasonable suggestions in his dealings.

Mortimer Shekelstein

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